Property Management

Neuhoff Facility Services specializes in managing vacant properties for both business and private customers. We can do the management for all different kinds of buildings, from small home to a large office. There is always an appropriate solution for your kind of property. We can also offer you different options for managing your property.

Temporary occupation or use
It is possible to choose between temporary occupation or temporary use for your property. If you choose for temporary occupation we will select by a careful selection process for new residents that will use your vacant property to life in.
Would you prefer that your property is not occupied but managed? Then temporary use of your property is a good option. We will select by a careful selection process for entrepreneurs who are going to use your property as a workspace.

We know from experience that these options are an effective solution for our clients, as temporary residents or entrepreneurs. They look after your property and ensure representativeness of the property and the environment. So you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the property and the negative effects of vacancy as poor maintenance, squatting and vandalism.

We respect the rights and obligations of the client and residents; we choose a transparent process so that you, and temporary residents, know what you can expect. We work with a personal contract that includes appropriate and clear agreements about the cost, duration and privacy for all parties in question.

We offer our service and support in property management for both private and business customers. How small or large your property is.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about our property management or some professional advice? We are happy to assist you.