Retail Facility Management

A renovation for your retail is a good investment for the future, but it can be very disturbing for you, your employees and most important: your customers. It’s possible that your retail has to close or the daily work process can be affected by the renovation. The renovation can take weeks or maybe months to complete. It’s possible to outsource this process to Neuhoff Facility Services, so we can take care of your renovation project.

Our Experience
Neuhoff Facility Services specializes in the entire renovation process in the retail business. From the first step, the schedule to approach, to completion and aftercare of your renovation. Our goal is to take care of your renovation with as minimal impact on your sales process as possible. You can choose whether we take care of your entire renovation or we can offer support for different facets of the renovation.

Neuhoff Facility Services also specializes in managing the facilities in your retail, with the aim that employees can work in an optimal working environment. Such as the layout of the store, the climate control and security. We ensure that working in your retail will be as good as possible.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about our retail facility management or some professional advice? We are happy to assist you.